Help for your Drinking Problem

Drinking Problem Help

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The most difficult aspect of treatment is making the initial decision to seek help. Once the decision has been made, you can ask your Addiction Counsellor or Doctor to refer you to a Treatment Center offering the range of services best suited to deal with your drinking problem.

We're in the process of consolidating our list of resources in such a way that you will be able to easily select a Treatment Center based on Services offered and Geographic criteria. You'll also have an opportunity to link to each Treatment Center's website in order to peruse what your potential 'Partners in Recovery' have to offer you during your period of treatment.

Important: We appreciate the fact that if you're seeking treatment right now, you need options and answers right now...don't procrastinate because our Resource List is yet to be posted. Call your Counsellor, Doctor...or turn to your Yellow Pages, and take the step today. The gift of sobriety and a new perspective on life is just around the corner!

Don't put it off...don't be afraid. Do it...for you!


Sobriety...seize it, embrace it and cherish it! Seek out the help you need, and lean on those that can walk with you during your journey of recovery--and discovery!

Today, you can take a small step away from your drinking problem, and towards a vibrant, new life without alcohol. Yes…you can do it!


Your future and well-being are in your hands, and YES, you can put a drinking problem behind you!
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