Help for your Drinking Problem

Drinking Problem Help

Self're worth it!


Mental Inventory do you feel about the steps you've been taking--or planning on taking--and the changes that you are putting in place? At whatever stage you're at, if you're making your way along the road to recovery, you should be patting yourself on the back and feeling pretty good about yourself!

Putting a drinking problem behind you, or being in the process of dealing with recovery, won't necessarily resolve other serious issues that you're dealing with. If depression, chronic pain, or other ailments are taking an ongoing toll, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance. Living a balanced life in recovery goes beyond abstinence from alcohol.

Keep a positive attitude...your success is closely tied to how you feel about yourself. You've recognized that, as an alcoholic, you suffer from a serious disease--no shame there--and that you've got the determination and means to address your drinking problem once and for all. Celebrate your conviction to succeed...look yourself in the mirror and say "Yes! I can put this behind me"...because You Can!

Not everyone has to face the challenges of overcoming a serious drinking problem, but those that do, and then proceed to overcome their dependance, can feel as proud--and successfull-- as anyone, anywhere! Keep your eye on the're a winner!


Physical Inventory do you feel? We're not talking about physical symptoms due to your alcohol abuse--you've already got a doctor/specialist that's providing you with the treatment for those symptoms...right? We're talking about the 'mirror test' you look like you're taking care of yourself. Do you feel good about the person looking back at you. A positive self-image is a powerful tool for anyone, but especially those of us battling alcoholism. You don't need professional help with this one. If you already feel great about the way you present yourself, terrific...good for you! But if you've let your appearance 'slip' a bit. Treat yourself to no-cost personal make-over...take the simple steps you can to feel better about yourself. Well groomed & well dressed are important, steps to a achieving a positive self image. Making a point of feeling really good about yourself is a high-reward, no-risk behaviour for folks in recovery. You'll notice the difference--and people around you will, too! Feel proud your pride outside. Earn it and its yours!


Nutrition and Excercise

Common sense prevails here! Your health-care professional or a nutritionist can help you with specific questions, but from day one, you should concentrate on eating on a reasonably regular schedule daily, and take a vitamin supplement. An addiction specialist can highlight the important role that particular Vitamins & Minerals play in your recovery--Vitamin B and Calcium are noteworthy. Keep your fluid intake up, and minimize/eliminate your use of sugar. Having an expert assess you personal needs is our recommendation.

Physical're surrounded by options! Don't over-do it at first. Your health-care professional will be able to suggest an appropriate level of activity. Along with the physical benefits, there's a mental payoff as well: you'll feel better about yourself!

Find the right balance of diet and excercise, and you'll be taking a couple of more postive steps on your road to sobriety!


No Temptation

At the beginning of your march to sobriety, it's hard to imagine temptation not being a constant, unwanted companion. Well, the fact is, our world is full of temptation, and for us, the 'triggers' that prompt us to take a drink. are all around us. Your mission is to identify what they are, and to avoid them. Your addiction specialist will work with you to indentify them, and if you're taking the positive step of entering an Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment program, you'll find that clearly understanding your personal cues and triggers will be an integral component of your treatment.

You will want to 'shuffle the deck' as far as the old 'hangouts' and drinking partners are concerned...a change of scene is in order, and we're sure you'll recognize the importance--especially during the early days--of avoiding situations where alcohol plays a significant role in the proceedings.

If you keep doing the same things, going to the same places, spending social time with the same 'drinkers', you're going to face an uphill battle in your effort to quit drinking.

Get professional help in identifying your vulnerable areas ...your triggers, then work your own program to avoid them.


New Challenges

It's time for something new! A powerful tool in your effort to crowd 'drinking thinking' out of your thoughts is to get engaged in a new activity...perhaps something you've always wanted to try, or experience. Actively 'not drinking' leaves you with some extra time on your hands...idle time is dangerous time for an alcoholic. Keep yourself busy with something you can really immerse yourself in...something new...something you'll enjoy and look forward to doing on a regular basis. And if you feel a sense of accomplishment...if you're proud of what you're doing, you'll give a boost to your general sense of well's win-win, and it's all for you!


Better than Ever

Remember what we said on the first page of this site:

"Congratulations! In recognizing that you've got a problem, you've already taken a positive, first step on the road to changing your life for the better!"

Are you really going to change your life? 'Better than Ever'? Well, that's up to you. When you've put your drinking problem behind you permanently, you're going to feel very good about yourself. You'll be approaching life's challenges with a clear'll be able to focus on the things, and accomplish the goals that are important to you. How do we know? Like we said in our 'Stepping' Away from a Drinking Problem' segment:

"We're the ones that used to be where you are now. The ones that are blessed to know just how good life can be without Alcohol. The ones that don't feel cheated because they don't drink 'like everybody else'. We're the truly gifted...the folks that put Alcohol behind us once and for all, and in doing so, realized that all things are possible for those with Fight, Conviction and the Desire to Succeed. Believe in yourself... believe you can thrive in your new-found sobriety!"

So...better than ever? We are...and if you really want to make a positive, life-altering change, you will be too!


Sobriety...seize it, embrace it and cherish it! Seek out the help you need, and lean on those that can walk with you during your journey of recovery--and discovery!

Today, you can take a small step away from your drinking problem, and towards a vibrant, new life without alcohol. Yes…you can do it!

Your future and well-being are in your hands, and YES, you can put a drinking problem behind you!
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