Help for your Drinking Problem

Drinking Problem Help

'Stepping' Away from a Drinking Problem

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is a drinking problem making your life miserable and unmanageable? Are the terms alcoholic, drunk and alcoholism making frequent, frightening visits to your thoughts. Congratulations! In recognizing that you've got a problem, you've already taken a positive, first step on the road to changing your life for the better! There was a time when we were sick, too! A time when the the pain, anguish, and sense of helplessness--hopelessness--was overwhelming. A time when it looked like it was too late for us to change... too late to restore the broken dreams and repair the devastation caused by our destructive alcohol abuse.

Incredibly, it really wasn't too late. After a veritable lifetime of crawling into a bottle--and out of reality--we changed our lives. Each of us took a slightly different route, but in sobriety, all roads led us to a better understanding of exciting new life that rewarded our efforts to stop drinking! Not just better because we were sober and whole, but because we came to realize that by conquering alcohol we had passed our toughest personal test...a test that defined us as winners! You, too, can walk in our shoes...let yourself believe that by taking charge in your pursuit of sobriety, you're taking the first step in realizing those life goals that, until now, have shimmered beyond your grasp! Seize the belief that by removing alcohol's grip on your life, you will be charged with the ability to make other powerful changes in your life. We've `walked the talk', and you can too!

The options we're sharing with you go beyond just showing you how to survive without alcohol -- the future looks much brighter if you make the decision to thrive in your new-found sobriety. It's all about taking a front-row seat in the great ride called life. Giving up alcohol is not about's about gaining a vibrant, new you. When you start to see what you can do without alcohol, and how happy and personally satisfied you can be without the crutch, you'll wonder how it ever came to control your life the way it did. The first step is to realize that you're not going back to the kind to life patterns that got you here in the first place. You're going to shuffle the deck, and deal the kind of personal performance that you know, deep down, you're capable of--even if that means enlisting peer/professional help to do it!

If what you're reading here seems unrealistic given your present situation, don't give up on us just yet. The folks behind the words on this page have 'been there'...we know what you're going through...we know how desperate the situation can become...we know the alienation of being surrounded by people that can't possibly understand the lonely place you find yourself in...we know, and we're asking you to hang on. Take comfort in knowing that there is a special route that will guide you out of the lifestyle you're embroiled in. You can choose to follow your own personal map, and make the right turns on your road to recovery. You're about to embark on an exciting that millions of people have taken before you. Your destination: the rest of a life that is really worth living!

Got a drink in front of you? Can't bring yourself to pour it down the drain?...fine, then just look at it, smell it. A few ounces of poison that to some extent controls your life, will ultimately take over your life before, very possibly, ending your life. After the many thousands of drinks that came before it, this one is different...this is the one that's standing between the `now' you and the `real' you...the person you want to be...the 'whole' individual you can be. If you're determined to go through the rite of passage that involves taking just one last drink, before you put that glass to your lips, consider this: if you're a lucky alcoholic (the kind that's still breathing), a future shrouded in an 'boozy haze' is not a place you want to spend your days...whatever you hold dear in this life will disappear just like the contents of that glass. Before you put that glass or bottle to your lips, consider yourself, your family, your job…your life! Your future’s hanging in the balance--and you can tip the scales in your favour!

Time to get down to the real job at hand: saying no to the bottle...YES to the life you've been waiting for! Feeling a little nervous?...that's completely natural, but you'll come to realize that, like the drinking problem, your anxiety has become a part of your past. Hang're in for an exciting ride!


Your Mission

To reach out for your goals. To put aside your fears and sense of uncertainty. To know that your dedicated effort is enough win this battle. To know the upsides of conquering alcohol...the sense of control and power that accompanies the victory! To embrace the concept that the only thing between you and the life you want to live is a poison that, yes, you CAN put behind you!


About Us

Who are we and what gives us the background to help you make the decision to address your drinking problem?

We've walked in your shoes...we're the ones that used to be where you are now. The ones that are blessed to know just how good life can be without alcohol. The ones that don't feel cheated because they don't drink 'like everyone else'. We're the truly gifted...the folks that put alcohol behind us once and for all, and in doing so, realized that all things are possible for those with fight, conviction and the desire to succeed.

We've personally experienced many variations of the recovery process...we know how difficult it can be to deal with this problem on your own. We can also tell you that with all the Treatment Programs, Professional Counseling and Support Groups available to you, the steps back to sobriety are both accessible and manageable. We've walked the talk, and you can, too!

Believe in yourself...believe you can successfully deal with this challenge! We'll help you to recognize the benefits of putting an end to your drinking problem, and highlight the options and Addiction Treatment Resources available to help you recapture your sobriety and a positive lifestyle!


Sobriety...seize it, embrace it and cherish it! Seek out the help you need, and lean on those that can walk with you during your journey of recovery--and discovery!

Today, you can take a small step away from your drinking problem, and towards a vibrant, new life without alcohol. Yes…you can do it!

Your future and well-being are in your hands, and YES, you can put a drinking problem behind you!
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